Why a different between a Paper- and Electronic Invoice

Why is their a diffenrent on what you see on your paper invoice og the in formations on the OIOubl
Written by Claus Petersen
Updated 1 year ago

Why are the forms on the OIOubl different from what you see on your printed invoice?

Many wonder why their customers no longer receive the same information they did on the paper version of a document after switching to an electronic invoice like PEPPPOL

 Firstly, take note that the format and the output have nothing in common Paper and PEPPOL


When you specify what is on a paper invoice, the customer can see it.

 The difference between a paper and an electronic invoice is that the former is designed by you and contains the information that you want your customers to see. On the other hand, an electronic invoice is standardized and contains only the necessary data that your customers need to see in order to understand what they are buying and how much they need to pay. The content of an electronic invoice is determined by your customer’s system and not by you

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