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How to setup Business Central for Sproom
Written by Claus Petersen
Updated 3 days ago

This is a shot msg, the right one you find one the Danish support pager, as this only works in Denmark

For other countries we have the PEPPOL integration

To rapidly get your business up and running using the Macali Sproom App, click on the YouTube link underneath to view the valuable advice and step-by-step instructions.

Our Business Central partners, or Macali Supportdesk, is here to assist you and find solutions if you need more details or have questions.

 If you have everything lined up for sending your first invoice but want to double-check it, you can use this test EAN/GLN number, 2398472394870.

Send a test invoice to Sproom using this test number to check how it appears, but not to your customer or anyone else.


How to check and preview your GL Journals befor posting in the Trail Balance


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