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How to setup Business Central for PEPPOL Essential
Written by Claus Petersen
Updated 2 months ago

When you have installed Macali PEPPOL Essential from Microsoft Appsorce link here

Then you have to do some few steps and checks to send your first PEPPOL Sales Invoice or Credit Memo.

You can follow the steps in YouTube, by click on the link below. comming soon :)

Before you click, you can have the flowering informations ready or you can stop the YouTube when they are need, so you can get those.

The Preparation List


Have you account for you Operator

1. Have creates an account on

2. Have you login in to Sproom

3. You are Registed on PEPPOL network, you can do in Sproom

4. Created a API Token


1. Check you VAT number is with your country id/letters in the Front/prefix in Company Informations and also for your Customers VAT number

For Sweden: 123456789,


Denmark: DK12345678,

Norway: NOxxxxxx,

Finland FOxxxxxx ext.

2. Check your Business Central "Country/Region" is using the laste version where the new VAT Scheme is the right numbers, and not the old ones with letters.

If you dont have the right setup you can import the packed on the linke below, with instructions or you can add manualy

See the Print Screen

Test GLN number for free testing


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